Our Challenges



Keeping good jobs and developing new jobs in our district must be a priority. The economic viability and vitality of our cities and towns is at stake. Our children are leaving the region, and our populations are decreasing. We must offer new opportunities through fair wages, education and retraining, tourism, support of arts and culture, and nurturing the growth of the beer, wine and spirits industries. Read More.


If you have driven on our roads recently or read anything about the condition of our water and sewer systems, or the adequacy of our internet access, you know we have an infrastructure crisis. It’s time for all of us, including State, Federal and Local leaders, to get together to develop a solution that includes prioritizing road repairs and developing a meaningful strategic plan for road, culvert, and bridge repair. In many rural and suburban communities, digital services are still unavailable. I will work to ensure that all New York State citizens have affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband access.


Our healthcare system is broken. All citizens have the right to quality, affordable healthcare. While we all have supported fund raisers for our neighbors with cancer or other health problems, these should not be necessary. We need universal health care for all, and it is time to move the NY Health Act forward.  I will support the effort to ensure that ALL New Yorkers have affordable, quality health care.


Water is our greatest resource. It is vital to our personal health and every aspect of our economic development in the areas of tourism and recreation. From the Finger Lakes to the beautiful rivers and State Forests of the Southern Tier, we must protect this most prized resource. Read More.


I sit on the Cayuga County Community Services Board, and if I have learned anything from those interactions and discussions, it is that solutions to this crisis must be locally driven through program availability.  This is not to diminish the steps taken at the State and local level (including Cayuga County) to hold the pharmaceutical industry accountable. These efforts must continue. But the best way an elected official can contribute to the solution of this critical issue is by listening to the professionals who have been fighting this epidemic on a day to day, person by person basis. As a member of the Assembly, I will do this.  I will listen to our local practitioners and carry their message to Albany.

You have heard me say it before…the primary job of your Assembly person is to be a voice in support of our towns, our cities, our counties. I will carry your concerns to Albany, and I will work with you to identify solutions and to find the resources we need to implement them. As a member of the majority, I will deliver. 
— Keith Batman