From Auburn to Sherburne.

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Camillus, Cincinnatus, Columbus, Cuyler, Elbridge,Fleming, 

Freetown, Genoa, Homer, LaFayette, Ledyard, 

Lincklaen, Locke, Marathon, Marcellus, McDonough, 

Moravia, Niles, Otisco, Otselic, Owasco, Pharsalia, Pitcher, 

Plymouth, Preble, Scipio, Scott, Sempronius, Sherburne, 

Skaneateles,Smyrna, Solon, Spafford, Springport, 

Summerhill, Taylor, Throop, Truxton, Venice, Willet, 

Fairmount, Melrose Park


Aurora, Camillus, 

Earlville, Elbridge, 

Homer, Jordan, 

Marathon, Marcellus, 

Moravia, Sherburne, 

Skaneateles, Smyrna, 

Union Springs

School Districts


Auburn, Brookfield, Cincinnatus, DeRuyter, Fabius-Pompey, Georgetown-South Otselic, 
Greene, Groton, Homer, Jamesville-DeWitt, Jordan Elbridge, LaFayette, Marathon, Marcellus, McGraw, Moravia, Norwich, Onondaga, Oxford Academy and, Port Byron, Sherburne-Earlville, Skaneateles, Southern Cayuga, Tully, Unadilla Valley, Union Springs, Weedsport, West Genesee, Whitney Point



We look forward to finally having a representative in the Assembly who will come to our community, talk with us and take our concerns back to Albany. The many years of not being heard end with the election in November of Keith Batman.
— Tim Perfetti Chair, Cortland County Democratic Committee
Keith Batman knows us.  He knows what we value and what our concerns are.  He has a record of working for his constituents and getting things done. It’s time for a change.  Vote for Keith Batman for NY Assembly.  He is a listener and a leader.
— Kathleen Gorr, Niles
I am excited about Keith Batman’s bid for the Assembly 126. I have worked with him on many projects over the past years and know he will bring to the Assembly the same focus and concern for our City that he brought as a member and former Chair of the Cayuga County Legislature.
— Hon. Michael Quill, Mayor of Auburn
I served with Keith Batman on the Board of Directors of Westminster Manor in the years of 2011 and 2012.  As the Treasurer of the Board, he earned everyone’s highest regard for his excellent work.  His broad experience in administration and finance, as well as his consistent reliability and leadership, made him an outstanding contributor in fulfilling the Board’s responsibilities.  In addition, his ability to listen, share ideas, and work effectively with a variety of people ensured that he was both respected and liked.  He is an outstanding candidate.
— Beverly Miller Town of Owasco
Feel great about your vote in November for Keith Batman! As Assemblyman, he will work to bring fair and EFFECTIVE support to his district.  He’s a proven community builder, administrator, and leader who has worked to support his community for forty years.  His honesty, experience, and knowledge of good government’s ability to help ALL the people in his district make him the best choice for State Assembly in the 126th district.
— Linda Van Buskirk
While the Scipio Volunteer Fire Department does not take positions on political races, as individuals, we appreciate that Keith Batman has been a true friend and supporter of the Scipio Fire Department for many, many years.  We know his support will continue in the Assembly and look forward to having a representative who understands the importance of volunteer fire services as our representative.
— Gus Maffatore, President Alvin Penird, Deputy Chief Tim Weir, Jr Assist. Chief Bob Baxter, Fire Captain Leslie Baxter, EMS Captain Tim Weir Jr., Asst Chief
One of Keith Batman’s strongest qualities is his ability to listen to all sides of a controversial issue with an open mind and ask questions that focus on agreement among the different viewpoints. Keith used this skill many times when he and I were colleagues on the school board of Southern Cayuga. He was committed to making change for the betterment of all involved and devoted the time necessary to reach solutions.

— Beverly Hammons, Town of Genoa
Keith Batman is a proven leader with the kind of experience our Assemblyman needs to represent all of Cayuga County in Albany.  As the former Chairman of the Cayuga County Legislature, and currently in his second term on the Legislature, he has been a great partner with the City of Auburn as we face critical issues such as water quality.  We need his strong voice and experience in Albany.  Keith Batman is committed to delivering results for us as Assemblyman for District 126.
— Debby McCormick, City Councilor  Auburn
I support Keith Batman for the NY Assembly because he knows and cares about the issues important to this area.  Keith helped me transition into a town supervisor position as he was transitioning to county legislature.  Always sensitive to the individual and community needs, Keith is able to bring people together and work to address broader regional needs.  I am confident he will play the same role as assemblyman. 
— Janet Reohr Former, Town of Scipio Supervisor