Water Quality

Water Quality


Our region is blessed with an abundance of water and natural beauty. We must protect this vital resource with focus and a clear purpose. At the same time, the importance of agriculture to our region must be considered. 

I am first generation off the farm, and my wife’s family has owned and operated farms in Scipio since the 1700s. I have worked alongside my brother in-law on his farm and understand and value the importance of agriculture as an industry and as a way of life. Protecting the watershed and the farming industry are not incompatible. 

I have worked on water quality issues for more than a decade and have a breadth of knowledge on the key issues. First and foremost, each of us must accept responsibility for stewardship. I support efforts to limit the introduction of nutrients into our lakes through:

  • Road side ditch maintenance

  • Limits on shore line burning, mowing and disposal

  • Septic system maintenance and inspection

  • Best practice for golf course construction and grooming

  • Use of best practices in all agricultural operations to control and reduce movement of nutrients and soil from the land to the lakes

In my role as Town Supervisor, County Legislator, Legislative Chair, and Chair of the Water Quality Management Agency (WQMA), I worked to:

  • Ban fracking in the Town of Scipio

  • Restrict the use of fracking waste on Cayuga County roads

  • Develop a working group structure for the WQMA to provide focus and direction for water quality work

  • Spark community dialogue on the issues of manure run off in Cayuga County. 

I will continue this record of focus and accomplishment in the Assembly.


I first got to know Keith Batman about six years ago in his role as a member and leader of the Cayuga County Water Quality Agency. I attended their meetings regularly as a visitor from Tompkins County. For that reason I cannot vote for Keith, but I sure wish I could. I have seen Keith moderate effectively between widely differing groups concerned about nutrient runoff into Owasco Lake; and have spoken with him many times about the actions he takes and policies he supports for protecting and improving water quality. Keith Batman is deeply informed about Owasco Lake, the Auburn water supply, Skaneateles and Cayuga lakes. He has the negotiating skills to help us all work together to protect water quality into the future. I urge you to support Keith Batman for the NY State Assembly with your vote on November 6.
— Hilary Lambert, resident of Dryden NY